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I would define myself as a Belgian social activist trying to promote equality and solidarity at all levels.  I also try to live coherent with these opinions.  One of my favourite quotes (from Montesquieu almost four centuries ago) is:


Should I know something useful for me, but bad for my family, I would reject it from my mind.

Should I know something useful to my family, but bad for my Fatherland, I would try to forget it.

Should I know something useful to my Fatherland, but bad for Europe or useful to Europe, but bad for the Human gender, I should consider it as a crime.


Hereafter, you will find links and more information about my activities.  Most of the sites are not my work.  I am not responsible for their content and they are not responsible for my opinions.  Your comments are welcome.

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My first political party is Ecolo. Not perfect, not always left-wing enough, but far the best in French speaking Belgium. I am one of the four delegates of Ecolo for the European Green Party and I took part to the last Global Green Congress. I am also active federal level, at regional level (Brussels) and at municipal level. In Molenbeek, I am a member of the board of the Logement molenbeekois (public housing). I am also member of the Flemish green party: Groen!


Biological immortality.  I hope that someday we will not die from old age anymore.  This day, we will read The Fable of the Dragon-tyrant as a prophetical text. I am co-chair of the organization Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society). We organized a conference on Healthy ageing in 2012.

I wrote a book about this:
Et si on arrêtait de vieillir ! : Réalité, enjeux et perspectives d'une vie en bonne santé beaucoup plus longue.

My public interventions about longevity are available on a specific website (presentation in English).

I am interested in "technoprogressist" questions especially those related to a longer and healthier life and to existential risks. That's why I am vice-president of the organization AFT-Technoprog.


My two passions concerning new technologies are not original anymore. I use Wikipedia, the extraordinary encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.  I use numerous services of Google (but I would prefer Google to be a Government-owned corporation) 

World Democracy. The apparently funny idea to let people decide by counting those for or those against rather than those stronger or more intelligent is more than 3,000 years old.

The idea to let all people in the world vote is far more recent.

The Belgian Federal Public Service Social Security is the Belgian Federal Ministry where I am working as a jurist since 1989.  At the moment, I am there Information official and also union steward (my trade union is the FGTB). 


Holiday.  You can see travel pictures I took in Brazil, China, Kenya, India, Mali, Mauritania, Thailand, Sinai, South-Africa ... and also pictures in my native city (Brussels) and in other places in Europe as well as a few pictures related to my activities.


Republicans. Belgium is still a monarchy, this is an archaism, but sadly still popular.  I am a member of a movement struggling for the Republic.


I give a big part of my income to NGO's.  It is in my opinion a duty to help people at least as long as people are starving because they do not have enough income to satisfy basic needs.

Other (old) sites: Before knowing Wikipedia and Dmoz, I made the Directory Belgian sites (not actualized anymore).  I had also a site about social security and other sites.  More and more almost everything is on the internet; you just have to know how to search.

Opinions inhabituelles (unusual opinions).  These are my opinions about a lot of political questions.  Often expressed in a polemical way.  

Collectif Solidarités contre l’exclusion.  I am a member of this organization that is promoting more rights for the most excluded people in Belgium. I was also a “conseiller CPAS”  (elected person) from 1995 until begin 2007 in the Public centre for social welfare in Molenbeek. The social minima are one of my biggest concerns.

Regarding my family and me as a person.  They are other people involved so no links, sorry.  I was born in 1962 in Etterbeek (Brussels);  I leave in Molenbeek (Brussels) with my partner and our

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